From: 12/2001 - 4/2009
Organization: Koreatown Youth and Community Center
Position: Environmental Services Unit Manager

Staff Pic Nov. 08

  During my 7+ years at KYCC, I managed a wide-array of projects and programs, all involving urban environmental infrastructure improvements (tree planting, graffiti removal, and water conservation programs), community beautification (graffiti removal and organizing community cleanup events), and energy and resource conservation.

Below is a table of some of the major deliverables I was able to effectively provide and manage for a variety of funders by calendar or fiscal year. The below table is not a complete list of work I have managed.
Annual Productivity
  I am a very "hands on" manager/leader and have a very deep rooted passion for social and environmental justice - especially within the dense urban cores of Los Angeles. The majority of the work I managed was provided to underserved communities in Central and South Los Angeles (in Council District 10, CD 1, southern part of CD 4, northern part of CD 8, SW portion of CD 13, and a small portion of CD 9).
My Duties/Responsibilities Included:
Managing approximately $1 million (annual budget) of various environmental service-based programs, including tree planting, recycling, water conservation, and graffiti removal projects.
Creating pre-program budgets, generating output projections and outcome expectations, monitoring daily and monthly performance of staff and projects, performing program evaluation, conducting field audits of work performed, analyzing monthly and annual revenue and expenditure budgets, and ensuring that implemented projects met expected outputs and outcomes.
Creating and implementing a 10-24 person staff scheduling; budget-setting and reporting on weekly/monthly/annual basis; organizing equipment, vehicle, office, and warehouse usage and maintenance.
Being a liaison to diverse groups: Council Districts, City Departments, Neighborhood Councils, other community groups, and youth.
Managing HR duties such as hiring, training, goal-setting, performance evaluations, and all related administrative paperwork.
Writing 100% of grants proposals (including responses to RFP/RFQ, LOI's, SOQ's, etc.) for above programs.
Top 5 Accomplishments I am Most Proud of:
Tree Planting - over 7,100 street trees were planted under my direction while at KYCC. With an average 30-foot crown spread when mature, over 5,000,000 square-feet of canopy (and resulting benefits) will have been added to the Los Angeles urban forest. Here is an interesting map/graphic showing tree planting locations installed by KYCC crews from 1/07 through 3/09.
Water Conservation - over 40,000 ultra-low flush toilets and over 90,000 showerheads/other devices were distributed and installed under my supervision. At 5 flushes each day per toilet, the resulting water savings is approximately 300,000 gallons per day (conservative estimate when other devices included).
Graffiti Removal - over 4,000,000 square-feet of graffiti was removed by crews I helped direct, in an area of intense gang activity.
Parks Creation - I helped plan, create, and/or enhance several public parks through Prop. K, and other means.
Community Cleanup - almost 30,000 bags of trash were removed from City streets through small and medium size cleanup events I helped organize.
Proposals Written and Submitted: I wrote 50+ proposals while at KYCC. Below are just a few.
  Proposal to Cal Fire for planting trees in South Los Angeles. Submitted March 2009. Funded: $70,000. (6mb).
  Proposal to Cal Fire for creating planters from recycled concrete. Submitted February 2009. Funded: $67,000. (4mb).
  Pre-proposal to Cal Fire for tree inventory and at-risk youth education. Submitted October 2008. Not funded. (1mb).
  Proposal to City of LA's Office of Community Beautification for Graffiti Removal services. Submitted May 2008. Funded: $315,000. (1mb).
  Proposal/SOQ to CRA for tree planting and tree maintenance. Submitted July 2008. Funded. (500kb).
  Proposal to CalTrans/State Resources Agency for tree planting along the Red Line alignment. Submitted November 2006. Funded: $203,000. (750kb).
Thanks to:
  I could not have been nearly as effective without key personnel - all deserve as much or more credit than I - especially Certified Arborist Irma Garcia for her tree planting program management, Jerry Velasquez for his overall ability to do everything, Brenda Ramos for helping to keep all office and warehouse operations in order, and Isaias Beles for keeping the graffiti removal crews operating effectively, 7 days a week.

I was also very fortunate to work closely with some of the most qualified City and State professionals imaginable. A brief list includes LADWP's Tom Gackstetter and Mark Gentili, the Urban Forestry Division's George Gonzalez, Ron Lorenzen, Greg Monfette, Luis Torres, and Stephen Duprey, the Environmental Affairs Department's Melinda Bartlett, Cal Fire's Thomas Shoots and Glenn Flamik, the Office of Community Beautification's Paul Racs and Anna Ruiz, the CRA's Michelle Banks-Ordone, Caroline Sim, and Yonah Hong, and the many great Council District staffmembers of CD10, 1, 13, and 4. I am also very thankful to often provided and much appreciated direction from Bruce Saito and Dan Knapp of the Los Angeles Conservation Corps.